Field hockey

Field hockey also called hockey, is a game that is played widely across the world. In many countries it is an popular game.

Field Hockey is a popular sports in Malaysia. In a market analysis conducted by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) 41% of the respondents answered that they think field hockey is a key sports. The confederation exists since 1957. After the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup in Bhubaneswar, India in 2018 the national men’s team was classified 15th. In 2017 the Malaysian men were runners up in the Asia Hockey Cup. Captain Sukri Mutalib and his team are also called the Speedy Tigers and they are easily to recognize in their tiger striped field hockey shoes and field hockey clothing. Chief coach of this team is Roeland Oltmans, whilst the women’s national team is currently ran by K. Dharmaraj.

The secret of success

to become a successful player, hard training is the most important thing! Play fair and win fair. You can’t win a hockeygame all by yourself. This is something you need to do with your team.
Train yourself to become stronger in the game.

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Field hockey stick guide

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In 2015 the MHC had only 1800 playing members, but they have high ambitions. In a blueprint the Confederation is aiming to grow to 8000 members younger than 16 years old by 2025 through a grassroot development program. This will need a lot of field hockey shoes and field hockey clothing. Expectations in the MHC’s modern marketing plan are high: the MHC milestones for 2020 are that the men’s national team will finish within the top 8 in the Tokyo Olympics. They also should be ranking 10th in the world classification. The women are expected to rank 16th. The Junior Men’s team is even expected to finish within the 6 best teams at the Junior World Cup. This is not unrealistic. The Junior team has been doing well since decades. Since 1982 Malaysia has organized the Junior World Cup three times! These kids know how to handle a field hockey stick.

Field hockey women

Not only the youth know how to swing a field hockey stick. Although it took until 1957 to become an organized and internationally recognized Confederation women in Malaysia play organized Field Hockey since the 1920s. Since 1997 they won the South East Asean Games seven times. The current captain of the team is Ms Siti Ruhani.

Even though hockey is still far from the level of countries such as Belgium, Holland and Australia, Malaysian hockey is definitely on the rise and will continue to become more popular and more efficient in the years to come. The Malaysian Hockey Confederation is taking matters seriously and approaches them professionally enough to put up the hopes of thousands of Malaysian hockey fans that their teams will become more performant when participating in international tournaments.